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Divorced, Separated and Widowed Ministry

Contact: Al Dean
E-mail: Al179@sbcglobal.net

The ministry to the divorced, separated, and widowed (D.S.W) of St. Catherine’s consists of parishioners who have lived through on of these losses reaching out to help another on a similar journey.

We, the D.S.W. of St. Catherine, work with others who are living through the difficulties surrounding death, separation or divorce. We believe healing comes through helping others. No one is left unchanged by these major life experiences. The pain and fear that accompany such a disruption to one’s life are difficult to bear alone. Families and friends may not understand, but a person who has had a similar cross to bear is a true gift of hope.

We, the D.S.W., are here to share our knowledge of resources – whether books, groups, retreats, or social events, etc. We reach back to help others behind us on this road. God has called each of us to a different life than we had planned, but we still trust the he is guiding our way.

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