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 Welcome to All Who Visit Us Here!  

Dear Parishioners and Friends

News reports have been indicating in recent weeks that our struggle with the Coronavirus pandemic is not over. It was not a surprise to learn earlier this week that San Mateo County has regressed a tier in the state's color coded system that identifies the level of transmission in our counties. It is vitally important that we continue to follow all the required and recommended practices in our personal, social and community lives.
The present status in San Mateo County allows us to continue with our schedule of Masses as it has been in recent weeks. We will have two Masses on Thanksgiving morning; 7:30 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. The 10:00 A.M. will be public and also live-streamed. The cooperation of everyone coming to Mass is really appreciated. The paperwork is annoying for some, but very necessary that it is done.

Together we will get through this time of great challenges. For many, Thanksgiving will be a very different celebration this year. May we observe it wherever we are with a spirit of hope for healing to come and deep love for those unable to be with us.

Do click on the Bulletin link above for parish updates. The planned schedule for the next two weeks is as follows:
Saturday, November 21
5:00 P.M. Mass in the church
Sunday, November 22
7:30 A.M. Mass in the church
9:00 A.M. Mass in the church
10:30 A.M. Live-stream Mass
12:00 P.M. Mass in the church
4:30 P.M. Mass in the church
Thanksgiving Day, November 26
7:30 A.M. Mass in the church
10:00 A.M. Mass in the church and live-stream

Saturday, November 28
5:00 P.M. Mass in the church
Sunday, November 29
7:30 A.M. Mass in the church
9:00 A.M. Mass in the church
10:30 A.M. Live-stream Mass
12:00 P.M. Mass in the church
4:30 P.M. Mass in the church
The dispensation from attending Mass remains in place. Anyone with even a slight cold should stay at home. Continue praying for one another and for an end to the pandemic.
Fr. John Ryan

Sacro Costato Missionary Sisters Annual Fundraising

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

As the holidays approach, please consider purchasing See’s Candy through the provided link to help the Sacro Costato Missionary Sisters. The funds raised will help their missions in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, Albania, and Italy.

If you wish to send a monetary donation to the sisters, that would also be greatly appreciated. Checks may be made out to the Sacro Costato Missionary Sisters, 1300 Bayswater Ave. Burlingame, CA 94010.   God bless.   

Please visit our Storefront Link:



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