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Ministry of Environment

Contact: Jean Di Salvo
Phone: 650-357-8407
E-mail: music@stcsiena.org

The church environment serves the liturgy.  Our goal is not to decorate the worship space, but to enhance it so that the meaning of the season or occasion, the expectation of Godís presence and action, and praise-filled and thankful worship are heightened. Our responsibility is to foster the full, conscious and active participation of all who gather for liturgy through a rich sensory experience of the worship environment.

The ministers who prepare the liturgical environment, then, are never merely satisfying themselves; they always keep in mind that theirs is a ministry of service to the assembly and they must try to capture a beauty that will awaken as many members s possible.  Accordingly, this ministry is best done by a team of generous people who appreciate beauty, have a natural sense of balance and rhythm, and unselfishly contribute to a group effort.

We welcome new ideas and helping hands, either in an on-going capacity or to prepare for a major liturgical feast and season.

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