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      Weekend Mass Schedules:



September 23 - September 24, 2017:  Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday, September 23:  
5:00 P.M. Fr. Toan Nguyen
Sunday, September 24:  
7:30 A.M. Fr. John Ryan
9:00 A.M. Fr. Toan Nguyen
10:30 A.M. Fr. John Ryan
12 Noon Fr. Gerry O'Rourke


September 30 - October 1, 2017:  Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday, September 30:  
5:00 P.M. Fr. John Ryan
Sunday, October 1:  
7:30 A.M. Fr. Jim MacDonald
9:00 A.M. Fr. John Ryan
10:30 A.M. Fr. Toan Nguyen
12 Noon Fr. Toan Nguyen







The Archdiocesan Annual Appeal supports the ministries and services of our Archdiocese.  St. Catherine of Siena Parish and All Parishes and Schools in our Archdiocese are blessed with the on-going support and guidance of the Archdiocesan staff available to us at all times.


St. Catherine of Siena Parish has a 2017 Assessment of $167,599.00

As of September 4, we have received $106,981.00 towards this assessment. Thanks to all those who have responded to the Appeal.   Your generous responses really help our parish with the assessment and help the ministries of our Archdiocese continue to serve so many people.   Thank you.


Please keep your responses coming or you may also respond online at SFArch.org/AAA.


Thanks again,

Fr. John




For other Parish Activities, please check our weekly bulletin.  See above and click on "Bulletin.  "

 Thank you.